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All Natural Flavors.

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Our coffee is sourced from sustainable, environmentally friendly farms in Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa. All green coffee is farmed, harvested, and processed at the highest degree of quality. Our goal here at Geode Coffee is to provide coffees that showcase the unique, natural flavors of each origin. Have any questions on brewing methods or what coffee is best for your flavor profile? Please don't hesitate to reach out or keep a look out for future blogs!

Once we receive your order, we aim to have it shipped within 3-4 business days. All orders are packaged right before shipping. If we receive your coffee order on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, then it will be shipped Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Coffee and merchandise orders are processed separately.

Free Sticker with Coffee Purchase!

Receive this free holographic sticker with any coffee purchase. Merchandise only orders will not include the sticker.


I can’t recommend trying Geode Coffee enough! I ordered the end of last week and my order arrived yesterday - shipping is so fast! The coffee is delicious. Very smooth and high quality. I will definitely be repurchasing. Their website is very easy to use, too!


If you’re looking for a great decaf option, this is the best. So good I can drink it black. Usually decaf is weak and flavorless, but the Celestial blend is the best I’ve had yet. I also like my coffee a little on the dark/bold side, and I love the Appalachia and Prism blend. You need to give it a try! You won’t be disappointed. It’s so fresh and flavorful.


I am in love with the superstition blend! I am normally a “little coffee with my creamer” kind of girl, but the flavor is so good and smooth that I barely need any creamer! Highly recommend!


If you’ve given up on trying to drink coffee without creamer, don’t lose hope just yet. This is the first coffee that I can drink without adding sugar and creamer. We love Geode Coffee and ordering is very easy!